eBook on Global Market Outlook 2015

It is fresh from the oven:   I have just finalized 35-pages eBook on Global Market Outlook 2015. You could download here:

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1) Global Stock Market Outlook 2015

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eBook Table of Contents (Global Market Outlook 2015)

1.  Mass Market Sentiment Survey

2.  Review of 2014 Global Markets

3.  US Economy and Market Outlook

3.1  US Government Debt Limit

3.2  Tapering of QE3

3.3  Fed Interest Rate Hike

3.4  US Job Market

3.5  US Property Market

3.6  US Bond Market

3.7  US Dollar, Inflation & Gold / Silver / Crude Oil

4.  Regional Economy and Market Outlook

4.1  Europe Market

4.2  China Market

4.3  Hong Kong Market

4.4  Japan Market

4.5  Southeast Asia Market

5.  Singapore Economy and Market Outlook

5.1  Singapore Stock Market

5.2  Singapore Property Market

6.  Stock Market Potential for 2015 and Beyond

7.  Conclusions and Recommendations