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Ein55 Graduates Testimonials

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Ein55 Class Aug 2013

Ein55 Aug Class

(#1) “This workshop trains us to look at stock investment at a wider and more in-depth perspective. This allows us to make better decision when taking a position in the investment market.”
Andrew Ng

(#2) “Very informative, comprehensive and practical.”
Aw Lai Huat

(#3) “This course provided detailed techniques that I can apply to determine market entry and exit investment strategy to maximize capital gain return than just taking some profits. Thanks Dr Tee for making your efforts to share your Ein55 Styles with us.”
Chang Chew Lik

(#4) “Very well prepared course and well-thought through. The 2 games are well-designed to reinforce the ideas.”
Derrick Pang

(#5) “I am very glad to be able to attend this course.  I have learned a lot from the trainer as well as the course content.  I am confident that I will be able to apply what I have learned from this course and be more successful in my stocks investment journey.”
Desmond Ngo

(#6) “Dr Tee is very dedicated in sharing and imparting knowledge. I am very grateful and truly appreciate his selfless sharing.”
Gillian Lin

(#7) “The course is very informative for beginner as it covers multiple tools such as FA, TA & PA. I am very impressed with Ein55 Style #9, it helps me to understand the chain effect of money flow. Educator is very passionate to teach and coach, clear explanation and good examples. I am confident that I will benefit from the tools learned in this course. Quality of the training exceeded the value more than 4X.”
Jasper Quek

(#8) “I am glad that I signed up for this course. The knowledge that I learnt were very informative and useful for my investment journey. I have been making a lot of mistakes throughout my investment journey and I can say that I have found the answers for my mistakes. It is also good to know that I can personalise my investing methods with all these knowledge.”
Low Wing Soon

(#9) “Good course to attend to invest time and money. Course leader is very keen to ensure attendees learn and understand.”
Tan Kim Lan


Ein55 Class Nov 2013

Ein55 Nov Class

(#10) “The trainer, Dr Tee is a very devoted, committed & passionate person.  He is very enthusiastic and eager to impart all his knowledge and experience to us without retaining any information at all.  I salute him for being a selfless trainer.”
 Alice Lim

(#11) “A very informative course, teaching you applications and general concepts.  A very patient and helpful trainer!”
KB Poon

(#12) “充实的分析资料, 深入浅出的讲解, 使我们获益良多。”
Kuah Boo Cheng

(#13) “A lot of efforts have been put into the preparation of notes. Most importantly, coverage of the mega economic situation is very useful for all investors. At least, I learnt when to sell and when to buy.”
Le Yin

(#14) “Lecturer is very sincere in sharing his knowledge to students and makes an effort to understand the investment background of his students.”
Teo Ying Ying

(#15) “A very detailed and comprehensive package for everyone from different background. Very helpful indication and tips on how to use different FA, TA, PA & Combo.”
Ting Kaa Seng

(#16) “As a person with many years of investing experience and strong FA skills, this course covers my TA knowledge gaps. It equips me with much improved skills and knowledge to embark on my next investing journey.”
Wong Cheng Ee

(#17) “Dr Tee is an experienced trainer who is patient and explains the topics well. He tries to make things simple and incorporate his unique styles to critical investment knowledge.”
Wong Kee Min

(#18) “Dr Tee has a very good knowledge of the market. His approach to analyzing the market is very scientific and logical. The concept taught is very beneficial to us.”
You Sean Chung