5-Day Investment Course

Secrets to Maximizing Profit in Stocks with Ein55 Styles

5-Day Ein55 Course Schedule



Time Jan 2018


Apr 2018


May 2018


Day 1 (Thu) 7:00pm – 10:30pm Jan 4 Apr 5 May 3
Day 2 (Sat) 8:30am – 6:30pm Jan 6 Apr 7 May 5
Day 3 (Tue) 7:00pm – 10:30pm Jan 9 Apr 10 May 8
Day 4 (Thu) 7:00pm – 10:30pm Jan 11 Apr 12 May 10
Day 5 (Sat) 8:30am – 6:30pm Jan 13 Apr 14 May 12


Program Objectives :

To provide attendees with the techniques on how to Make CONSISTENT Passive Income & Maximize PROFITS in Any Market by differentiating and applying PERSONALISED investing strategies using Ein55 Styles, which is applicable for BEAR, FLAT and BULL markets.


Program Synopsis :

Ein55 Investing Styles (8 Investing Fields)

(1) Methodology of Ein55 Styles for Trading & Investing

(2) Macro Analysis (Market Trend)

(3) Micro Analysis (Individual Stocks)

(4) Personalised Investing Strategy

(5) Political, Psychological/Personal Analysis (PA)

(6) Technical Analysis

(7) Fundamental Analysis

(8) Applicable to Stocks, Property, Commodity, Bonds, Gold/Silver, Forex , etc.

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What Will You Learn (partial list shown):

  • How to generate consistent passive incomes and enormous capital gains?
  • How to transform from a hectic trader to a relaxed investor?
  • Share strategies to master simple ways of truly Buy-very-LOW Sell-very-HIGH, while avoiding pitfalls of Buy-High-Sell-Low, to maximize profit in stock market
  • Calculate mid and long terms upside growth potential and downside risk of individual stocks and regional/global indices
  • Unique techniques on WHAT to buy, WHEN to Buy and WHEN to Sell using Ein55 Styles with FA (Fundamental Analysis), TA (Technical Analysis) and PA (Political / Psychological / Personal Analysis)
  • Estimate the speculation factor of individual stocks during euphoric stage of market
  • How to become winning investors by controlling your GREED and FEAR emotions?
  • Differentiate between false alarm and real crisis in the investment markets
  • Integrate the best practicesof trading, market cycle investing and value investing into Ein55 Styles
  • Customize investment techniques based on individual investing styles for the best portfolio performance
  • Differentiate and apply different investing strategies for bull market, flat market and bear market
  • Risk management through a diversified investment portfolio, position sizing & strong holding power
  • Define investment clock for entry and exit of stock market using % Optimism
  • Understand the unique market cycles and relationship of different asset classes (bond, property, gold/silver, commodity, forex, bank deposit) with economy and their influences on stock market

55 Investment Styles of Ein55 (partial list shown):

  • #1 FTP Analysis: FA + TA + PA (三足鼎立)
  • #2 When Trader Meets Investor (以慢制快)
  • #3 Mega-Market-Cycle Investing (滑浪高手)
  • #4 Let Mega Trend be your First Friend (大势所趋)
  • #5 Let Time be Your Second Friend (时来运转)
  • #6 Macro and Micro Analysis (龙头老大)
  • #7 Stock Market and Economy (脣齿相依)
  • #8 World Synchronization (同生共死)
  • #9 Economy Master Plan (纵横天下)
  • #10 Spiral Economy (螺旋经济)
  • #11 Blessing in Disguise (因祸得福)
  • #12 FA + TA (发达之道)

and 40 more styles

For individual who is interested to Generate Consistent Passive Incomes (>=10%/year) and Enormous CAPITAL GAINS (50%-200%) through investing as a RELAXED INVESTOR in Stock and diversified investment Markets.