Save Lives with Investment, Medical Services and Charity for SCHMI (中华医院)

PA2 - Chung Hwa

The Ein55 students have learned the Practical of PA (Personal Analysis) from Ein55 Mentor Course by James Hon, understanding the importance of systematic approach of trading plans and investing strategies.  Here are the 10 key elements:

  1. Skill Assessment – Tested system? Confidence?
  2. Mental Preparation – Are you emotionally and psychologically ready?
  3. Set Risk Level – This depends on your trading style and risk tolerance.
  4. Set Goals – What is your realistic profit targets and risk/reward ratios? How to stop loss?
  5. Do Your Homework – Before the market opens, what is going on around the world? Calm? Volatile?
  6. Trade Preparation – Set alerts for entry and exit signals!
  7. Set Exit Rules – Most traders concentrating 90% or more for buy signals, very little attention to when and where to exit.
  8. Set Entry Rules – Exits are far more important than entries!!!
  9. Keep Excellent Records – use your Journal!
  10. Perform a Post-Mortem – To know the why and how of your profit and losses. (Continuous Process Improvement)

Life is not just making money. To encourage successful Ein55 Graduates to help other needy groups, Dr Tee and Ein55 Mentor James Hon take the lead to donate to a charity organization, Singapore Chung Hwa Medical Institution (SCHMI, 中华医院), which has been helping the poor and needy Singaporeans over the past 50 years with free / subsidized medical services.

There are similarities in investment, charity donation and medical services:

1) Medical services help to save lives or improve the quality of lives with better health.  A good health is the fundamental of happy life for an individual.

2) Charity donation provides the practical help to the needy group with money. However, the help is limited, support could be stopped when there is no further donation from the society.

3) Investment is a sustainable way of generating the profits when applied in the right way. The additional incomes could help to support charity, including but not limited to donation to medical institution for needy people.

The needy group probably could only wait for fishes from others due to their limitation in ability or knowledge to make money.  However, majority of the people has the potential to learn to fish, generating consistent capital gains and passive incomes from investment.  More importantly, these fishes caught could be shared with other needy people.

Dr Tee provides free high-quality investment education regularly to the general public, which may be considered a form of donation in financial knowledge, which could help a person for a lifetime, after mastering the right skills of stock investment.

Start learning these life skills NOW, helping oneself, own family and other needy people in the society. Save Lives with Investment.