Investing Strategies for US Stock Markets (S&P, Dow Jones, Nasdaq, Russell) at Historical Peaks

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US major stock market indices (S&P 500, Dow Jones Index, Nasdaq, Russel 2000) set new record of historical high again with 8th quarterly gains in a row. The earlier nuclear “crisis” has set a nice market correction for short term traders to buy low and sell high now.

US and most global stock markets (including Singapore) are still under a bull market but mainly suitable for shorter term trading due to moderate high market optimism. Despite at historical high stock prices, long term Optimism for US stock market is about 81%, still have room for further growth, although it is limited by probability.

One has to know own’s personality (trader or investor), designing the right trading plan or investing strategy for the current stock market. The US market is ideal for short term trading, buy high sell higher, especially after breaking 2500 points for S&P 500.

Singapore STI is still supported above 3200 points with Optimism about 48%, getting stagnant over the past few months. With global stock markets are still at relatively high optimism, market risks are getting higher but there are still opportunities for everyone but need to align with own personalities:

1) Short Term Traders: Buy High Sell Higher (Duration: weeks)

– entering after each break out of high resistance but not hesitating to exit when the signal is reversed

2) Medium Term Traders: Buy Low Sell High (Duration: months)

– buying after intermediate correction, focusing on bullish mid-term stock markets

3) Long Term Investors: Sell High Buy Low (Duration: years)

– selling stocks on hold at high optimism with declining bullishness, waiting to buy low during the next global financial crisis.

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